Face Launchers

This week we take a dip into the archives, courtesy of a poet who goes by the moniker of Aidan Activator. Aidan was twelve when I started working with him and fourteen when we published his first chapbook, Activator Verse. His love for the Angry Bird franchise inspired Mary’s cover art.

Aidan is nothing if not exuberant. His smile, even on difficult days, seems helium-powered. When I step into his classroom, he bounds out of his chair expectantly, eyebrows dancing as we walk to the media center. He has ideas. Lots of them. When we settle on one, he takes pleasure in every stanza. And laughs the entire time he is writing. I know Aidan’s life isn’t all smiles and laughter, but I’m grateful he finds writing to be a place where he can take gleeful refuge. Here are two of his poems that I think about all the time.

In face frisbees and belly bees,