Mountains Laugh

Hi there, Listeners!

Our newsletter highlighted Aulton’s stunning songwriting just a few weeks ago, but this update was simply too special not to share. Aulton and I have been making music together for over a year, and have developed a profound kinship as collaborators and as friends. We’ve written some of the sweetest, the wisest, and the hard-rockingest songs the world has ever known, and together we’ve weathered the joys and challenges of an exceptionally tumultuous year. But through all of this, because of the pandemic, we never once met in person.

Last month, though, Aulton’s family came to my new hometown of Moab, Utah, for a river-rafting trip led by the National Ability Center – and, at long last, we got a chance to hang out in real life. We strolled by the river, looked at desert flowers, ate pizza, gazed at the stars. And we also got to have the experience of writing a song together in the same room.

Many of my collaborators on the Spectrum express frustrations about their physical bodies; Aulton has said that sometimes his mind feels like it’s trapped in a disobedient vessel. But this visit was an amazing reminder that, despite those undeniable challenges, there’s also something utterly magical about sharing physical space, basking in the aura of one another’s energy, and giving your dear friend a hug.

So here’s Aulton’s new song about Moab’s wild red-rock landscape, which he composed after a visit to Arches National Park. We hope it helps you listen to the laughter of mountains, and that it serenades you as you begin again – slowly and safely – to gather with friends and loved ones in the physical world.


Now you see red 

In a new way

Hoarders lament 

Their busy minds today

Because they can’t 

Focus on the rest

In the colors

But you are blessed

Mountains laugh if you hear them

High arches pierce thoughts 

If you are near them

Toss your moments 

Into the omission 

Of ghouls 

Wonder with suspicion

There will be others 

Clamoring for attention

Hide your mind 

And ignore diversion

Open air stuns 

The clear mind

Gallons of pure thought 

Will pour over you in time

Mountains laugh if you hear them

High arches pierce thoughts 

If you are near them

Listening to mountains,


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